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  • Ben Heathcote

Winter Is Coming!

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats people not only according to their current complaints but also according to the time of year. In this way weaknesses can be strengthened before problems actually arise and now being the end of autumn is the perfect time to strengthen the lung and kidney systems for the coming winter.

Think of treatment as a way of building the immune system before you actually get sick. I usually use a combination of acupuncture treatments and some herbal capsules to achieve this for patients.

This preventative approach to health is especially good for people that suffer from asthma, hayfever, allergies, sinusitis and chronic lung conditions as these conditions show there is already some weakness in the lung system and you are therefore considered more likely to suffer with colds and flu in the winter. You may also benefit from less symptoms of hayfever and allergies in the spring by starting now.

There are also simple things you can do for yourself that will help you prevent colds and flu from taking hold:

  • Increasing hand washing with plain soap is especially useful for people that catch public transport and/or work in a busy office environment

  • A combination of a slice of fresh ginger with a teaspoon of brown sugar in hot water taken after coming in from the cold or after being caught in the rain can offset a head cold

  • Keep the neck covered with a scarf before you feel like you need it

  • Don’t be in denial – with the onset of any cold symptoms change your diet and have a few bowls of brothy soup to help support your system

  • Taking up tai chi is not only relaxing but great for strengthening the whole system

Take care of yourself now and reap the benefits later.


Dr Ben

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