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Scar Reduction Acupuncture

What is scar reduction acupuncture?

Scar reduction acupuncture is a special area of Chinese medicine that only a few practitioners are properly trained in.


This type of acupuncture uses very fine needles to:

  • Stimulate faster healing

  • Stimulate improved blood flow through scar tissue 

  • Stimulate renewal of nerve growth 

  • Improve the look of the scar 

  • Decrease redness, itchiness and pain

  • Soften the scar 

  • Improve sensation of the local area 

What's involved?

Following a detailed consultation, a treatment is carried out that involves the insertion of acupuncture needles close the scar lines. Very fine needles are used and this process is not painful. A few acupuncture needles will also be placed in areas such as the lower arms and lower legs to bring internal balance to the whole body.


After the needles are placed, an infrared heat lamp will be positioned to warm up the treatment area. Then you will be left to rest in a comfortable position. Depending on the treatment the needles may be left for 15-40 minutes. This is the perfect time to practice some meditation, breathing techniques or just have a rest.

After having a rest, the needles are removed and the treatment is complete. 

How many sessions do I need to have?

A course of scar reduction acupuncture depends on the area of the body being treated and how long it has been since the scar was created.

If you recently had surgery then treatment should begin 2-4 weeks after surgery. At this time the scar is healed over and and stitches have been removed. In this scenario, a course of 10 sessions is recommended followed by a course of 10 sessions in another 6 months time. The aim is to improve the aesthetics of the scar and return normal sensation to the area.

If surgery was more than a year ago, two consecutive courses of 10 sessions each is recommended. 

If surgery is more than two or three years ago then more treatment may be required for the desired outcome.

Please contact us directly if you have specific treatment regarding scar reduction acupuncture. 


What kinds of scars can be treated?

It is common to treated scars from accidents but also scars from surgery. The following is a short list of types of scars that are treated with this technique:

  • Joint replacement surgery scars 

  • Childhood injury scars 

  • Breast reduction scar reduction

  • Breast augmentation scar reduction  

  • Keloid scars 

  • Sinus surgery scars 

  • Facelift scars 

  • Cosmetic surgery scar reduction 

  • Caesarean section scars 

  • Post surgery scars 


Remember to only see an acupuncturist that is registered with the government health regulator AHPRA and who is a member of AACMA.

Call the clinic now to make your first appointment or to make a general enquiry. Please be aware that at times it is difficult to get an appointment so please book ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding acupuncture and any health concern you may have. Use the contact form or Enquiry button above.

Dr Ben Heathcote, Chinese medicine practitioner, currently works out of rooms at True Health, Ormond. True Health is a multi disciplinary clinic offering health services to the local community. 

Tips: What you can do to reduce scars at home

Once stitches/staples and tape have been safely removed the following can help reduce the visibility of a scar and can improve the blood flow through scar tissue:

  • Gently massage the area with castor oil

  • Apply castor oil packs

  • Avoid direct sunlight 

  • Avoid excessive exercise 

  • Avoid stretching the area

  • Do not smoke

  • Keep the area clean to avoid infection 

  • Increase colourful vegetables in your diet

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